we are

specialized; precise; able to rise to the occasion on complex challenges and understand the incomprehensible

just a couple things we've done...

Common Sense Furniture
Orlando Science Center
International Gynecologic Cancer Society
Atlantic Coast Bank



noun building web-based portals to electronically facilitate commercial transactions or donations.



adjective providing private coaching, advice, and tailored training programs to other marketing professionals and business leaders.


us·er ex·pe·ri·ence

noun crafting the overall experience of a person using a product (such as a website or computer application), especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use.

ADA website compliance

ada web·site com·pli·ance

noun a set of website usability standards which, when properly implemented, make the information held on a website as accessible as possible to Americans with a range of disabilities.



noun using web-based languages to build customized online experiences for marketing and internal uses that achieve a company's goals.

campaign strategy

cam·paign strat·e·gy

noun a creative process to outline key themes and audiences, communications tactics, and essential channels through which the client can accomplish a message-driven goal.

a few words from happy clients...

Mary eiken

Being a truly global organization and designing a site that meets the needs of a very diverse audience, CT Social took all this into account when thinking about our redesign. During the phase of redesign, they were very clear about their role and what the role of me and my team included and managed all expectations very transparently. It was apparent very early on we had picked the best partner for our organization. They have provided extensive training to the staff and their technical knowledge is impeccable. Unequivocally we would partner with CT-Social again.