we are

focused on creating meaningful interactions between an audience and a message; able to facilitate conversation and connection; 

driven by the purpose of improving human society

just a couple things we've done...

The Collective
Rethink Homelessness
American Foundation for the Blind



noun creating the flow and story arc for a video, written report, or advertising campaign; a process to ensure a smooth flow of ideas and tie themes together effectively.

campaign strategy

cam·paign strat·e·gy

noun a creative process to outline key themes and audiences, communications tactics, and essential channels through which the client can accomplish a message-driven goal.



adjective providing private coaching, advice, and tailored training programs to other marketing professionals and business leaders.



noun collecting, structuring, and sharing stories through writing, images, video, audio, and more.

live event management

live e·vent management

noun conceptualizing, planning, and implementing memorable and shareable large-scale events

speaking engagements


adjective sharing experiences, opinions, and expertise with other professionals across industry lines. see: talking for a living.

a few words from happy clients...

Mary eiken

Being a truly global organization and designing a site that meets the needs of a very diverse audience, CT Social took all this into account when thinking about our redesign. During the phase of redesign, they were very clear about their role and what the role of me and my team included and managed all expectations very transparently. It was apparent very early on we had picked the best partner for our organization. They have provided extensive training to the staff and their technical knowledge is impeccable. Unequivocally we would partner with CT-Social again.