we are

the ability to imagine things that do not exist, conceptualize original ideas, and convert even the most bold visions into reality

just a couple things we've done...

The Collective
Caton Hosey
Change Everything
Common Sense Furniture

graphic design

graph·ic de·sign

noun the art of combining text and pictures in collateral for print and digital media.

marketing plans

mar·ket·ing plan

noun a strategy to promote and sell products, services, or ideas based on market research and branding.



noun a full-visual plan (crafted around intended content) to show the look and function of a website or mobile application before it is built.



noun creating a unique combination of design, signs, symbols, and words to produce an image that identifies an organization and differentiates it from its competitors.

live event management

live e·vent management

noun conceptualizing, planning, and implementing memorable and shareable large-scale events

audio + visual

au·di·o + vid·e·o

noun capturing beautiful stories and beautiful images in a form that you can share with others.

a few words from happy clients...

Mary eiken

Being a truly global organization and designing a site that meets the needs of a very diverse audience, CT Social took all this into account when thinking about our redesign. During the phase of redesign, they were very clear about their role and what the role of me and my team included and managed all expectations very transparently. It was apparent very early on we had picked the best partner for our organization. They have provided extensive training to the staff and their technical knowledge is impeccable. Unequivocally we would partner with CT-Social again.